It's a mobile application helping people save time by providing ingredient sets with matched recipe tutorials for happier meals.

The Team

UX Design Tutor

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere


3 Months

My Key Contributions

UX Design
Graphic Design
Motion Design



GOOD COOK is an application that allows users to purchase ingredient sets and provides matched recipe tutorials. It saves users the time to purchase ingredients and cooking preparation so that users can directly enjoy cooking. In particular, it provides all the raw materials and condiments needed for dishes to help users successfully make happier meals.


Problem Statement

Users hope to purchase all of the the  ingredient with a recipe. User don't like preparing ingredients. It is difficult to use the right amount of condiments.

Product Goal

To help users plan the dishes for each meal, and provide users with recipes and matching ingredient sets based on cooking time, skill level and other aspects, so that users can build a healthy life and  enjoy cooking.

Business Goal

Users can purchase the matching ingredient sets according to the selected recipe, saving the process of buying and preparing ingredients. And Good Cook provides users matched condiments to improve the user's cooking ability.


Data Survey

To find out the factors that influence the user's cooking behavior and discover the problems encountered by users in the purchase of ingredients. And to understand what users think about cooking as a social way. I sent a survey to targeted contacts.

Learning About Our Users

In order to define user needs and pain points, I took 41 survey forms and interviews with 9 target users. And then I created 2 personas.

Learnings & Findings

Empathy Map


Concepts & Sketches

Wire Frames

Question Script

I went back to interview again the target users about wireframes. I asked some questions to ensure the solutions were right.


The Synthesis

I gathered datas from user testing and sorted them to different screens in Miro.


I made changes based on the feedback in usability testing.


Visual Design

I created the final UI design for this application.


Link to clickable prototype

Flow 1
Order the ingredients of a recipe for lunch based on 2 people.

Sigin the application
Select the lunch category
Select a recipe
Add the ingredients of the recipe to cart

Flow 2
Checkout the cart and select 05/05 as delivery date.

Tap cart page
Checkout all items in the cart
Select the default address
Select 05/05 delivery date
Select the default payment method
Complete the order

Task 3
Scan the QR code on the ingredients package and learn the recipe.

Tap scan icon
Scan the QR code on your package
Located the recipe
Browse the recipe directions

Design System