Landing Page for Automation Reinvent 2.0

It is a passed design challenge for a UI/UX Designer position at Verizon.
I designed an intuitive landing page for multiple devices exposing all services to consumers for Verizon's Automation Reinvent 2.0  to increase web conversion.

Link to Figma File

How might we refine the landing page showing all services for users to improve conversion?


- Showing all services on one page with a clear layout and easy-to-follow navigation
- Hightlighting CTAs to increase conversion
- Conveying a high-tech and professional style through an abstractive pattern
- Building a reliable and friendly relationship with users through a simple design
- Responsive design for multiple devices with consistency
- Aligning with Verizon guidelines, including color themes and font
- Providing online chat support for end users with a sticky chat tool

Kick-off Creative Brief

1. Why are we advertising?
To Attract people who need  to do an automation test.

2. Who are we talking to?
Our target audience is people who are working on UIs or codeless project. They need to take end-to-end testing by chances.

3. What do they currently think?
“I don’t see all of the services to use them in my testings.”

4. What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?
“I can help people to see all services on landing page.”

5. What would we like them to think after seeing our message?
“I have seen all services on the landing page so that I know it can help my test.”

6. Why should they believe it?
The landing page shows all services of the Automation Reinvent 2.0 tools.

7. Are there any creative guidelines?
The creative guideline can follow Verizon. Also, professional, intuitive, and be friendly.


Wireframes & Iteration

Ideation #1

Single Page with all-in-one

Ideation #2

Single Page with all-in-one

Ideation #3

Scrolling page with all-in-one

Ideation #4

Scrolling page with a clear layout


Final Design

Hight light the CTAs and Scroll down to show more details